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Zebra Drums

Zebra Drums 'Black Plane' 14x7" Snare Drum

Zebra Drums 'Black Plane' 14x7" Snare Drum

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The latest edition to the Zebra drums arsenal: the Black Plane Series. These unique looking snare drums are made from the London Plane tree, which gives these snare drums a warm full bodied tone with a great attack. The shells are made with the Zebra drums standard fingerjointed quarter sawn staves and all have a thickness of 9 mm. They are finished with a special black stain and a raised walnut inlay that has been stained red. The final finish are several coats of a satin oil. The snare drums are fitted with all black hardware, using a different lug than I normally use which really suits the Black Plane concept. Additionally they are fitted with 2,3 mm triple flanged hoops, a Trick strainer, Canopus wires with Zebra Drums’ own durable straps, Remo heads and Thread Locks (by Zebra Drums).


Size: 14x7

Wood: London Plane


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