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Baterista Sales strives to bring the best products from around the world. Located just north of Toronto Canada, we here at Baterista sales bring music from all corners of the globe, with products from Turkey to Holland, to right next to us the United States of America.

All the brands we carry and have partnered with, are handcrafted one by one and polished to perfection! See our brands page to see all new and coming brands at Baterista Sales.

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  • Aaron Patteron

    "Very nice snare, customer service helped me throughout the entire order! Thank you"

  • Tyler Ramirez

    "Love the Anatolian Cymbals Ultimate collection, purchasing was easy and shipping was fast!

  • Jay

    "Happy to find quality cymbals in Canada. I have the Anatolian Doublet 18" Crash...its absolutely amazing"

  • Papa Shawn

    "Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to carefully package my
    purchases. I purchased an 18" and a 20" Ultimate Crash, I received both of these in excellent condition "

  • Ethan

    "Never heard of Doc Sweeney Drums before, but the snare looked amazing online so had to check them out, it arrived in perfect condition and pretty quick! Thanks again."

  • Crazy Canuck

    "Anatolian Cymbal has fantastic sound like the expensive high end cymbals. Will be looking at adding more Anatolian to my kit soon."