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Seven Six Drum Company

Seven Six Drums 'The 100 Stave' 14x8" Snare Drum

Seven Six Drums 'The 100 Stave' 14x8" Snare Drum

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This 8x14 custom handcrafted snare drum is built from 100 individual staves (pieces of wood). It’s essentially 5 separate drums combined to make one. The top and bottom layers on this drum cake are exotic, hard Canarywood. The 2nd and 4th layers are also exotic and also hard Zebrawood (canaries and zebras LOVE each other). The middle layer is super hard and pricey wenge…I’m calling it “Crystal Wenge” because, much like the Crystal Wenge snare that I built just before I built this drum, this wenge section has a wash of polyurethane clear coat that I sanded off, leaving tiny crystals buried deep in the grain for a little bling. I topped it off with a crystal clear, glossy, glassy, pricey, pretty, durable polyester clear coat. The bearing edges are roundover/30 degrees on this 1/2 inch thick shell. To continue the striking and dramatic vertical lines in this drum, I used long, simple vertical low-mass black powdercoated lugs from Champgane Drums. This custom snare drum has black nickel 3mm triple flanged hoops, chrome tension rods to match the chrome lug screws, Puresound 24 strand snare wires, an INde black nickel throw off and butt plate, and Remo heads. This custom snare drum has a huge tuning range and is obviously a beautiful specimen.

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