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Anatolian Cymbals

Anatolian Cymbals The Stack

Anatolian Cymbals The Stack

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With Anatolian's The Stack, you're introducing a new and quite different element to your drum kit, and thus, your grooves. When you use this stack, you can add the sound of a handclap, which can be quite surprising the first time you strike the stack. It simply doesn't sound like you'd expect. As soon as you've gotten past the tonal surprise, the creative ideas start flowing!

What's it made of?

The Stack consists of three flat, curved cymbals in sizes 11, 13, and 15 inches.

Individually, they don't sound like anything special. But when stacked, you achieve a sound almost akin to a Roland 808 drum machine handclap - reminiscent of what we know and love from the '80s.

The stack is, therefore, the perfect addition to your drum kit, introducing a different sound to your tonal arsenal.

Each cymbal in "The Stack" is lathed, giving it a raw and unique character. The surface looks great and adds a visual element to your drum set as well.


The cymbals feature a smart self-adjusting design that ensures they always align correctly. You won't need to worry about adjusting their positions while you're playing.

Whether you're a professional or an amateur seeking a cool handclap for your drum kit, "The Stack" is the solution.

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